Promoting Wellness: Providing Free Medical Checks for Achievers University Staff

At Achievers University, we deeply value the integral role our staff members play in nurturing a thriving academic environment. Recognizing the importance of their well-being, we are committed to fostering health awareness and mindfulness among our team.

In collaboration with the University Health Centre, the Department of Public Health initiated a comprehensive staff health program aimed at enhancing awareness and consciousness regarding physical and mental wellness. Through a series of free medical tests, we prioritize the health and wellness of our staff members. The primary objective of these medical tests is to proactively address staff health concerns, empower informed decision-making about personal well-being, and promote preventive care practices. Our services encompass a wide range of medical screenings and consultations, including malaria screening, general check-ups, blood pressure and blood sugar testing, and specialist consultations.

Dr. Agufore, Acting Head of the Department of Public Health, emphasizes the importance of maintaining health consciousness, particularly during work hours. He encourages staff members to prioritize rest and to take proactive steps in managing their health. His advice underscores the significance of adopting healthy eating habits, regular check-ups, and integrating wellness practices into daily routines.


Highlighting the outcomes of these initiatives, Mr. Opeyemi, Chief Nursing Officer at the University Health Centre, notes instances where staff members were unaware of underlying health issues such as hypertension and high blood sugar levels. Through personalized counseling sessions, these individuals are guided on managing their health effectively.


As advocates for wellness, we urge both the public and our staff members to remain vigilant about their health and to actively engage with medical counseling and guidance. By fostering a culture of health consciousness, we aim to empower our staff to lead fulfilling and healthy lives both within and outside the university community.