Moral Renaissance Takes Centre Stage As Achievers University Holds 7-day Colloquium For Students

By Prof. Oyesoji Aremu

The increasing decadence of morality and epidemic of drug abuse, alcoholism, bullying and other vices have been a concern in recent times, especially the preponderance among students of higher institutions of learning in Nigeria. While this menace could be due to so many laxities, experiences have shown that the disturbing trends are associated to many other factors which could divest students from a great futures.

It needs be stressed that universities’ managers, parents and other stakeholders need to be more forthcoming, given the challenges the menace of drug addiction and other vices are having on the emotional and mental health of many students in higher institutions of learning.

This situation and other reasons informed and motivated the Pro-Chancellor and Chairman of Council, Achievers University, Owo, Hon. Dr. Bode Ayorinde, to lead the frontline University’s Management in a series of moral and behavioural reawakening with the students of the University between Monday, May 27 and Tuesday, June 4, 2024.

Precisely, the Pro-Chancellor prodded the students to be above board in morals by eschewing bullying in all forms of its trappings. He also admonished them to shun illicit use of drugs and run away from lures of cultism which does no one any good.

According to him, cesspit of moral decadence in the society has dwarfed all-known moral fabrics which used to be the singsong of the families and the Nigerian society. He was of the view that the continuous moral drifts among the youths need be halted through moral revival; hence, the colloquium.

The Pro-Chancellor also dwelled on the need to eschew examination malpractice which, according to him, attracts heavy punishments if caught in the undignified act.

The founder of the University further reiterated his desire to introduce healthy competition among all the colleges in the University. This, according to him, is to reinforce good deeds through which the University would celebrate individuals (staff and students) and its academic units. The best College stands to win a sum of five million naira and a trophy/shield. This honour will be based on several rating parameters which include academic, sporting and behavioural excellences. The award being instituted will be held every academic session. This led to a rejuvenation on the campus with all colleges already strategising on how to win the monetary prize.


The Colloquium, which held everyday on the campus for more than a week, was well attended by the University Management, staff and students.


Prof. Oyesoji Aremu is the Ag. Vice-Chancellor, Achievers University, Owo, Ondo state.