Achievers University Fosters Collaboration in Environmental Science: Professor Tangfu XIAO’s Visit

Achievers University was delighted to welcome Professor Tangfu XIAO, Dean of the School of Environmental Science and Engineering at Guangzhou University, China, on the 5th of July, 2024. Professor XIAO’s visit not only enriched our academic environment but also opened doors for potential future collaborations in environmental research and sustainability initiatives.

Professor XIAO’s expertise lies in environmental geochemistry and medical geology. During his visit, he delivered a captivating lecture titled “Environmental Geochemistry and Medical Geology in China: Approach for China-Nigeria Cooperation.” This lecture explored the fascinating link between the environment and human health, sparking insightful discussions among faculty and students.

Professor XIAO’s visit extended beyond the lecture hall. He engaged in productive dialogues with Achievers University’s management team, exploring avenues for collaborative research between our two institutions. These discussions focused on tackling environmental challenges and fostering advancements in medical geology, a field that holds immense potential for both China and Nigeria.

Achievers University believes that Professor XIAO’s visit marks the beginning of a strong partnership between our institutions. By working together, we can address critical environmental issues and contribute to a healthier future for all.