Academic Calendar


16th Oct., 2022Arrival of Returning & Fresh Students on Campus
217th – 21st Oct., 2022Registration/Orientation Activities
324th Oct., 2022Commencement of First Semester Lectures
428th Oct., 2022Close of Registration
531st Oct., 2022Late Registration with Penalty Begins

7th Nov. – 11th Nov,  2022 AU –FAP 1ST Term Examinations

17th Nov – 9th Dec. 2022Re-Accreditation of Academic Programmes by NUC
25th – 11th Dec., 2022Convocation Week
316th Dec., 2022Late Registration with Penalty Ends
416th Dec., 202215th Christmas Carol
517th Dec., 2022 – 8th Jan., 2023Christmas Break
69th Jan., 202316th Starting with God Service
710th - 14th January 2023Mid-Semester Test
816th January 2023Continuation of 1st Semester lectures
93rd Feb., 202316th Matriculation

13th – 22nd Feb., 2023 AU – First Semester Examination

123rd Feb., 2023Students Proceed on Mid-Sessional Break
225th Feb. & 18th March, 2023General Elections in Nigeria
314th Feb. – 18th March, 2023Marking and Processing of First Semester Results
46th March, 2023Deadline for Submission of CCMAS by Departments
522nd – 23rd March, 2023College Board Meetings for consideration of 1st Semester Results
626th March, 2023Students Arrive Campus for Second Semester
727th March, 2023Commencement of 2nd Semester Lectures

27th – 31st March, 2023 AU-FAP 2nd Term Examination 

127th – 28th March, 2023Business Committee of Senate Meetings
229th – 30th March, 2023Senate Meetings to approve 1st Semester Results
37th – 10th April, 2023Easter Break
419th April, 2023COSMAS Lecture Series (1) – ABC Principles of Entrepreneurship
5 8th – 12th May, 2023Mid-Semester Examination
625th May, 2023COSMAS Lecture Series (2)
76th June – 8th June, 2023CONAS International Conference

19th – 30th June, 2023  Second Semester Examination


120th June – 20th July, 2023Marking and Processing of 2nd Semester Results

10th July – 14th July, 2023  AU-FAP 3rd Term Examinations  


125th & 26th July, 2023Senate Meeting to approve 2nd Semester Results
228th July, 2023Release of Results
331st July, 2023End of 2022/2023 Academic Session