Postgraduate Study


i. PGD, M.Sc. & Ph.D. Biochemistry
ii. PGD, M.Sc. & Ph.D. Industrial Chemistry
iii. PGDN, M.Sc. & Ph.D. Nursing Science
iv. PGD, M.Sc. & Ph.D. Criminology and Security Studies
v. PGD, M.Sc. & Ph.D. International Relations
vi. PGD, M.Sc. & Ph.D. Political Science
vii. PhD Accounting
viii. PhD Business Administration
ix. PhD Computer Science
x.PhD, MSc., PGD Medical Laboratory Science
Our specialist Accounting course will boost your career prospects by developing an advanced knowledge of accounting theory and practice and prepare for a leading role in the accountancy profession. Programmes include:

  1. PGD Accounting
  2. M.Sc Accounting

The postgraduate programmes in Biochemistry are designed to produce graduates with cutting-edge research skills and expertise in areas of Biochemistry which can be applied in academia, industries and research institutes. Programmes available include:

  1. PGD Biochemistry
  2. M.Sc Biochemistry
  3. Ph.D Biochemistry

The Computer Science programme has been designed to teach a range of advanced topics and a carefully-selected core of foundational subjects to graduates of computer science and other numerate disciplines. Programmes available include:

  1. PDG Computer Science
  2. M.Sc Computer Science
  3. Ph.D Computer Science

The Criminology and Security Studies postgraduate programmes have been adequately expounded to produce manpower with sufficient skills and knowledge to enable intelligible investigation, detection and prosecution of crimes and security breaches or threats with the aim of enhancing national peace, security and sustainable development. Programmes available include:

  1. PDG Criminology and Security Studies
  2. M.Sc Criminology and Security Studies
  3. Ph.D Criminology and Security Studies

This specialized programme is designed to help students develop expertise in the management and operation of varying kinds of businesses. This is often achieved through developing strong research techniques along with an education on specific business-related subjects such as accounting, finance, human resources, organizational structures, operations, and economic sustainability. Students will often be required to complete a master’s thesis on a topic related to the coursework. Programmes include:

  1. MBA Business Administration
  2. Ph.D Business Administration


The postgraduate programmes in Industrial Chemistry are designed and geared towards producing graduates with sound knowledge and expertise in Industrial Chemistry and their application in all sectors of human endeavours, public, and private industries and academics. The Programmes available include:

  1. PDG Industrial Chemistry
  2. M.Sc Industrial Chemistry
  3. Ph.D Industrial Chemistry

Our graduate programmes in International Relations are designed to prepare students to see the world from a new perspective.

The programmes are for individuals who desire to successfully denote higher levels of expertise in the intricacies of subjects such as diplomacy, foreign policies, globalization, terrorism, environmental politics, gender politics, international law, as well as world order. These programmes which could be applied to a range of professional sectors, will, on completion, make the students to understand the complexities of relationships between nations, international actors, institutions and organizations.

  1. PDG International Relations
  2. M.Sc International Relations
  3. Ph.D International Relations


  1. PDG Medical Laboratory Science
  2. M.Sc Medical Laboratory Science
  3. Ph.D Medical Laboratory Science

Candidates who are registered with the Medical Laboratory Science Council of Nigeria can apply.

Higher degrees in Nursing aim at providing nurses with varied competencies and skills to function in clinical areas and tertiary institutions as competent nurse practitioners, academics and researchers. Programmes available include:

  1. PDG Nursing Science
  2. M.Sc Nursing Science
  3. Ph.D Nursing Science

Our political science graduate programmes cultivate strong analytical and communication skills in students. They put the students in good stead to uncover essential insights into the operations of states, nations and governments.

Our dedicated experts in various aspects of political science, provide our students with the necessary guidance on the thesis-writing process, and our monthly seminars expose the students to the current approaches to analytic and methodological standards in political analysis. The programmes include:

  1. PDG Political Science
  2. M.Sc Political Science
  3. Ph.D Political Science

Interested candidates with degree(s) in relevant disciplines  are eligible to apply.

How To Apply

Candidate can process admission through the following options:

  • Download the application form by clicking on the download button below
  • Completed forms should be sent via email to
  • Obtaining the forms at School of Postgraduate Studies, Achievers University

Candidates are to pay a sum of N15,000 to Stanbic IBTC Account No. 0044498901 or the Bursary of the University. Evidence of payment should be attached to the application form, which should be submitted to the Office of the Registrar, Achievers University, Owo.

Download 2022/2023 Postgraduate Admission Form.

General Requirements

  1. PGD: Candidates must have a minimum of 3rd Class Division degree from Achievers University, Owo or any other recognized university in the proposed programme of study or related fields. Holders of professional diploma such as HND or its equivalent are eligible to apply.
  2. PGD in Medical Laboratory Science:
    a) A first degree in Medical Laboratory Science from any recognized university with a minimum of a third class, and a minimum of 2 years post qualification experience and should be duly registered with the Medical Laboratory Science Council of Nigeria.
    b) Diploma in Medical Laboratory Science (AMLSCN/AIMLT) with a minimum of credit pass, and a minimum of 2 years post qualification experience and should be duly registered with the Medical Laboratory Science Council of Nigeria (MLSCN).
  3. PGDN (PGD in Nursing Science):
    1. The matriculation requirements includes Mathematics and English are compulsory for all programmes with Physics, Chemistry, Biology for all health Sciences Programmes, relevant subjects must also be passed at not lower than credit level.
    2. Registration with professional bodies and possession of valid licenses are compulsory for all Nursing applicant.
    3. NYSC discharge or exemption certificate is compulsory for all who are applying for Masters and PhD in any field.
    4. Applicants with more than three deficiencies in the life sciences who are applying for Masters in health sciences courses in their transcripts may be considered for PGD programmes before proceeding to do MSc.
    5. Candidates with a diploma in RN, RM, RPH and degree in other fields related to the nursing profession are eligible.
  4. M.Sc.: Candidates must have a minimum of 2nd Class Lower Division degree of Achievers University, Owo or any other recognized university in the proposed programme of study. Candidates with a 3rd Class Bachelor’s degree or HND (minimum of Lower Credit) must have, in addition, a Postgraduate Diploma (PGD) with a minimum CGPA of 3.50 maximum CGPA to qualify for admission.
    The prospective candidate for M.Sc. in Medical Laboratory Science must possess any of the following qualifications:
    a) A first degree in Medical Laboratory Science from a recognized university with a minimum of second class lower division, (GPA of 3.0/5.0 or 2.75/4.0) and a minimum of 2 years post qualification experience and should be duly registered with the MLSCN.
    b) A PGD in Medical Laboratory Science with a minimum of credit pass in addition to meeting other university admission requirements
  5. Ph.D: Candidates must have scored a minimum of 60% (B grade) in the Master of Science degree of any university recognized by the Senate in relevant disciplines. Candidates with M.Phil certificates from recognized universities are also eligible for admission. Candidates must demonstrate adequate intellectual capacity, maturity as well as effective decision-making and problem-solving potentials.
    1. Prospective candidate for Ph.D. programme in Medical Laboratory Science must possess M.Sc. in the relevant area of specialization in Medical Laboratory Science