Student Accommodation

Achievers University provides accommodation on campus for all students. The policy is in line with the University’s vision of producing a total man, morally sound and properly educated. This is to be achieved if students live in an environment conducive to intellectual pursuit and development of healthy relationships.

Furnished halls of residence dedicated to male and female students are available at the permanent site of the University to accommodate all the students. As a policy, the University supplies beds and mattresses while students are required to provide their own beddings and toiletries.

The University recognizes the strategic importance of regular water and electricity supply to the achievement of its vision and objectives, and has, therefore, taken measures to facilitate same. It has functional standby generators, which are put in use when the public power supply fails. The University relies exclusively on boreholes and deep wells which pump water into overhead tanks that supply water to all parts of the campus. The long-term plan is to have a special line from the State Water Board dedicated to the University to facilitate standard comfort for the students.