Important Notice – Closure of School

To our highly valued Parents

(1) We regret to intimate you that Management has temporarily closed down the School and suspended Academic activities until further notice. This is sequel to the demonstration embarked upon by the students since the night of Tuesday, the 17th of August 2021, on account of irregular supply of Electricity.

(2) For the past 14 years of the existence of Achievers University, we have been very consistent in the supply of electricity for a minimum of 18 hours every day. This has been made possible by the array of 8 Generators owned by the University.

(3) Last Thursday, the 12th August, 2021, the two giant generators supplying students’ area collapsed. Immediate steps were taken to remedy the situation. One of the generators was fixed on Monday the 16th while repair work on the other is ongoing. This repair cost the University millions of Naira, but we are not complaining as we see it a duty that we must perform for a conducive learning environment. Unfortunately, our students are not patient enough for us to fully fix the problems.

(4) The situation got out of hand the night of Tuesday, 17th of August 2021, as the students went on a rampage. There are many WhatsApp messages flying around suggesting that the students are poised for war.

(5) Management has therefore directed that all academic activities be suspended forthwith until electricity is fully restored.

(6) However, all the students that are fingered to have actively participated in disruption of peace in the University community will be disciplined in line with the provisions of the University students handbook.

S. O. Aje, Vice Chancellor