Fees Payment Options for 2020/2021 Academic Session

Management has approved ‘three payment options’ for the payment of school fees with effect from the 2020/2021 Academic Session. The three options are contained in the ‘Students’ Payment Option Form’. Every student must adopt one of the payment options and strictly adhere to his or her choice for the new Academic Session (2020/2021 Academic Session).

The three options are:

(1) Full payment at resumption. This option attracts a 5% discount on tuition fees only.

(2) 50% of tuition fees to be paid at the commencement of each Semester. This option attracts no discount, no penalties. Note that other sundry fees must be paid before resumption.

(3) The 3rd payment option entails payment of fees three times within a Session. This option attracts 5% premium on tuition fees (i.e. additional 5% on tuition fees). The three payments must be made (split) in this order:

  • At resumption in 1st Semester (35% of tuition fees)
  • Before 1st Semester Examinations (35% of tuition fees)
  • Before 2nd semester Mid Semester tests (30% balance of tuition fees)

(1) All sundry fees must be paid before resumption in 1st Semester. This is irrespective of the payment option.
(2) Under no circumstances will any student be allowed on campus if he has not paid according to the option he has chosen.
(3) Sundry fees include:

  • Acceptance fee (New students only)
  • Development levy (New students only)
  • Accommodation fees (All students)
  • NHIS fees (All students)
  • Registration fees (All students)
  • Clinical fees (Medical Laboratory and Nursing Students only)
  • Indexing/Clinical posting (Medical Laboratory & Nursing Students only)
  • Laboratory coat fees (All Science and Engineering students only)
  • SWEP fee (Engineering students only)
  • Achievers University Students’ Association (AUSA) fees (All students).

(4) All Scholarship Students, paying no tuition fees, must show evidence of full payment of sundry fees on resumption.
(5) Penalty for late payment is hereby increased to N50,000 per Semester. However, no student is expected to make late payments. Every student should pay in line with any of the 3 options before being allowed into the campus.
(6) Payment during the 3 weeks registration period is hereby abolished, as students must pay in line with any of the options.

(1) Obtain the Fees Payment Option Form from the Bursary or from the University website or from any of the Students’ WhatsApp platforms
(2) Fill and submit the form with evidence of payment to the Bursary to obtain a clearance card and University identity card for the new Session.
(3) All students are enjoined to strictly abide by this directive.

Rev Canon Bayode Oladimeji