Achievers University’s Prof. Taiwo Adenegan Elected Chairman of Counselling Association of Nigeria, Ondo Chapter.

Prof. Taiwo Adenegan, an eminent Counselling Psychologist who is currently the Achievers University’s Director of Academic Planning and Quality Assurance, has been elected as the Chairman of the Counselling Association of Nigeria, Ondo State Chapter.

Prof. Taiwo Adenegan has always demonstrated a deep commitment to Achievers University through his dedicated services. He served as the Coordinator of General and Entrepreneurship Studies in the early years of the University and as the Dean of Student Affairs from 2017 to 2023. He is  a Consultant, a Fellow of the Occupational Safety Society of Nigeria, and a Fellow of the International Institute of Chartered Educational Practitioners. He brings his wealth of expertise and passion to his new role.

With a distinguished career dedicated to the advancement of mental health and well-being, Prof. Taiwo Adenegan qualified as a member of CASSON in 2006 after bagging a Master’s degree in Counselling Psychology from the Department of Counseling and Human Developmental Studies. His leadership is characterized by a deep commitment to excellence, compassion, and a relentless pursuit of promoting positive change in the counseling profession.

“I have tried to make significant contributions to the Association from the Zonal level to the State level,” said Prof. Taiwo Adenegan. His professional colleagues, recognizing his leadership prowess, have elected him to serve as the chairman of the Counselling Association of Nigeria, Ondo State Chapter. Achievers University is filled with amazing people doing amazing things.

Prof. Adenegan is among the pioneer staff of Achievers University, For Achievers University, Prof. Taiwo Adenegan’s appointment reflects the Institution’s ongoing commitment to fostering leadership and excellence in all endeavors. His achievement underscores the depth of talent and expertise within the faculty, further cementing Achievers University’s reputation as a hub for academic excellence and innovation. The Achievers community is confident that Professor Taiwo Adenegan’s leadership at Counselling Association of Nigeria, Ondo State Chapter, will significantly benefit the counselling profession and the well-being of Nigerians nationwide.

“It means a lot to show my potential. I have been asked to do what I love doing and that is providing humanitarian services. It means a lot to give back and to serve the society. A very big privilege and honor accorded to me by professionals to serve and lead them.”, said Prof. Adenegan. “It is a big opportunity, I don’t take for granted and it is my desire that when I will be leaving office, I want to leave footprints for the organization and for individuals in the state to see the importance of counsellors in the educational and family sector”.

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to Professor Taiwo Adenegan on this well-deserved recognition. We look forward to his continued success in leading the Counseling Association of Nigeria and shaping the future of counselling in Nigeria.

We take pride in celebrating Prof. Taiwo Adenegan’s appointment as Chairman of the Counseling Association of Nigeria and look forward to supporting him in his mission to advance mental health and well-being across the Nation.