VC’s Welcome Statement

The VC’s Welcome statement:

Motivated by the name of this great University in seeking appointment as its second vice-chancellor, encouraged by its vision statement to accept the appointment, and daily inspired by the quotation from Philippians 4:13 of the Holy Bible inscribed on a billboard at the entrance gate of the University, I am more than persuaded by these three immutable factors that the right place for me to be is this place: Achievers University, Owo.

Therefore, I am presenting to you my mission statement. Firstly, permit me to give a recap of the aforementioned three immutable factors:

Name: Achievers University, Owo; Vision: “To be the best University in Africa”; Bible Quotation: “I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me” – Philippians 4:13


There are about 500 universities in Africa. Therefore, in order to fulfill its vision, Achievers University must outperform other 499 universities. Hence something not found in other African Universities must be added to Achievers University, and that thing is the industrialization of all her academic programmes.

Considering my term as a four-year project, the following five activities will be executed as sub-missions towards the industrialisation process of Achievers University.

Mission 1: Academic Programme Re-Packaging and Introduction of New Programmes

To introduce new modern market-driven programmes such as Geographic Information System, Information and Media Studies, etc. while present academic programmes will be re-packaged to make them entrepreneurially sustainable since every academic programme has entrepreneurial component embedded in it.

College of Engineering will be established to introduce modern programmes such as Mechatronics, Telecommunications Engineering, Computer Engineering, Power Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Multimedia and Film Production Engineering, and Water and Environmental Engineering.

Mission 2: Promotion of Research and Development

To promote research and development in all disciplines to the level of wealth creation and generation, towards self-reliance and undeniable world academic recognition.

Mission 3: Total Man Human Capital Development

To contribute towards raising a new generation of graduates who are equipped with three-dimensional training in order to become technocrats in their fields, be physically sound, and be morally upright. This is needed to prepare them for maximum contribution to the knowledge economy and its exploitation.

Mission 4: Making Entrepreneurship a Way of Life

To promote techno-preneurial and leadership skills in every programme of study in the University needed to solve the nation’s problems and for the emancipation of the Black race in the arts, science, and technology;

To re-package and introduce new academic programmes in the University which will deliver high productivity based on the “by their fruits you shall know them” philosophy in order to announce the University, not only to the academic world, but also to the industrial world;

To establish small-scale industries which will serve as platforms for transforming research findings to tangible products where appropriate;

To establish gainful linkages with academia and industry both in this country and abroad;

To emphasize research innovations, consultancy, and entrepreneurial services as major and regular sources of generating funds for the University

Mission 5: Student Entrepreneurship Empowerment via Work Study

To engage students in work-study activities that will fetch them some money. This will serve as a springboard in practicalising entrepreneurship on one hand, and a source of cost-effective labour and optimum return on investment to the University on the other hand.

Therefore, I, Engr.Professor Tunji Samuel Ibiyemi, do solemnly declare, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ and in collaboration with the entire members of staff of the University, to strive to position Achievers University towards becoming the best in Africa, in line with the University’s vision, by implementing these aforementioned missions. So Help Me, God (amen)

Starting Point:
The starting point for my campaign is the industrialisation of your mind as written in Romans 12:2 “…. But be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind …” because, according to Proverbs 23:7, “For as he thinketh in his heart, so he is…”

Think Positive, Declare Prosperity, and Act Industry.