Entrepreneurial Training


Universities in Nigeria have embraced the idea of creating entrepreneurship ventures to generate resources and provide a practical workshop for training students in the creation of wealth and generation of employment through the establishment of small businesses.

In consonance with directive of national universities commission, the council and senate of Achievers Universities took the bold step to train all students of the university in at least one vocation of their choice and award a certificate in addition to their university degree.

With the vision of becoming the best university in Africa, and motto “Knowledge, Integrity and Leadership”, Achievers University will be on the fast lane of achieving its vision and living its motto with the establishment of an entrepreneurship venture. This plan seeks to define the Business Concept and Value Proposition in respect of the proposed University’s Entrepreneurship Ventures. It is also attempts to design an operational plan for achieving the goals and objectives of the university in promoting achievers university ventures and at the same time train our students such as they can become job creators at the end of their studies.

This entrepreneurial training and certification is developed with mindsets that graduating students of Achievers University will not necessarily be bothered with the endemic unemployment situation in the country; hence a good percentage of them are expected to be self-employed and become employers of labour. The training will be organized in such a way that the students will find it interesting.

Poultry Farming/Business

Poultry farming basically involves the keeping of birds especially chicken, for the production of eggs and meat for consumption. Poultry products are in high demand and hence the business is very viable and lucrative. In Nigeria for example, many poultry farmers are doing well; hence more people are embracing the business of poultry farming. The market for poultry products is boosted during festivals such as Easter, Christmas and others.

Fish Farming

Fish farming involves raising fish commercially in tanks or enclosures. The most common fish species are cat fish, tilapia, salmon and cod.

Fish has been recognized to contribute 55% of the protein intake in Nigeria. The rate of local production is below consumption, hence importation as major supplement. The market for fish products is still widely undersupplied.

Fish farming is part of agriculture referred to as “aquaculture” which is currently catching the eye of many people as the prospect of profit is quite high.

Bee-keeping Business

Bee-keeping is another vocation or enterprise that spins money for those involved in it. Beekeeping is largely a hobby. These are commercial beekeepers but interestingly, majority of beekeepers use it to supplement their income.

The use of honey is universal. Honey is substitute for sugar. The use of sugar as sweeter is discouraged in old age and honey instead.

Honey production requires good knowledge of beekeeping which is what the university will achieve by training students on how to become commercial beekeepers.

Block Making

Every building or concrete structure is Nigeria today is largely made of concrete blocks. The supply of concrete blocks is available in all the localities because the production is not capital intensive as such and the process is quite simple. Many small and medium-scale businessmen and businesswomen are involved in the business of block making. Apart from food, shelter is another important matter that Nigerians are very concerned with. Everybody is desirous of having a building of his or her own. This is one of the reasons why demand for blocks and other concrete materials such as fancy blocks, well rings and interlocking blocks are high in demand.

Bread Making (Baking Business)

Bread was said to have history of both sustaining great empires and inciting revolutions. All living souls require food to survive and bread is one of the staple foods that are found in all homes. Like rice, bread is widely liked by children. However, unlike rice that is grown and processed by farmers, bread is produced by bakers in all cities and villages. There are local bakeries as well as industrial bakeries.

For good bread to be produced there is need for training, more so that this has to do with consumable product which requires every care to get the recipe correct. Also, the environment must be certified to be highly hygienic.

Baking generally could be very interesting. Some women love doing their baking at home on their own but baking for commercial purposes requires training.

Water Proccessing

Pure drinkable water has become one of the essential requirements in every home all over the world. Lack of purified water is an invitation to diseases. Today, in Nigeria, individuals who can afford it provide boreholes in their homes. Many who cannot provide boreholes rely packaged water purified water (bottle and sachets waters) and since the number of houses that can afford boreholes is limited, processing of purified water has become a good business venture.

Saw-mill and Furniture Making

A saw-mill is a medium-scale industry that converts woods of different types and shapes to planks of different sizes. Planks are used for many domestic and industrial works, including building constructing and household furniture, amongst others. This business is a major contributor to economic growth and development.

The main issue in sawmill business is the source of supply of convertible woods. However, woods abound in the Nigeria rain forests through which supplies are made to sawmills.

An extension to the business of sawmilling is cabinet making. The finished products of sawmill automatically become raw materials for cabinet or furniture makers whose business entails the conversion of planks to furniture items such as beds, chairs, cabinets, windows, dining tables, covens and other pieces of woodwork. Furniture making is pure carpentry and requires genuine interest and hard work.

Fashion Designing and Decoration

Nigeria is one of the countries where fashion awareness is very pronounced. Men and women are highly conscious of what they wear; they dress to fit occasions. Also, all function venues, halls and tents in open fields are now given the best of decorations.

Businessmen and businesswomen are making good money from such occasions. Functions take place almost on daily basics, especially at weekends when marriages, burials and other functions take place.

Other areas of interest in fashion designing is bridal train and wedding dresses for both male and female which are handled or designed by well-trained designers with good concepts.