College of Social and Management Science

Programme Name B.Eng Electrical & Electronics Engineering, B.Eng Computer Engineering, B.Eng Telecommunication Engineering, B.Eng Mechatronics Engineering and B.Eng Biomedical Engineering
Programme Duration 5 Years for Regular (UTME) Students
Scholarship No

Engineering is concerned with the application of scientific and engineering knowledge gained through study to practical problems of human society so as to improve the overall quality of life and living of a people. Thus, the ultimate goal of engineering education is the development of competent and responsible men who will provide the creative leadership necessary for the full realization of the potentials of engineering as a social force. Since engineering is “the professional art of applying science to the optimum conversion of natural resources to the benefit of man”, the engineer must study the science and their applications, the material and energy resources and their conversion, and man and his needs. The practice of engineering is a lifetime career, and in a profession where rapid change is the accepted thing, leaning must be continuous. The first stage of professional preparation in the college years, should provide education for social responsibility, for intelligent living, and for technical competence.

Fee Structure